I’m a full-stack web developer, specializing in front-end. I love building great things with brilliant people. I have an obsession with user experience, performance, and maintainable code.


  • Lyrite*

    SPA for formatting lyrics. MithrilJs, modular-css, Webpack. Hosted on GitHub Pages at lyrite.com.

  • Animation-Resolve*

    Tool providing a function that returns a Promise, which resolves when a CSS animation completes.

  • cssJoin*

    Tool to conditionally join CSS classes.

  • PostHTML-Pseudo*

    PostHTML plugin to add pseudo classes (:first-child, :last-child, etc) to HTML (for use with HTML emails).

  • SVG-Spritzer*

    Tool to join separate SVGs into a single sprite.

  • Crucible CMS

    SPA, headless CMS backed by Firebase.

  • Mithril-SSG*

    CLI static site generator for MithrilJs.

  • kevinkace.dev*

    Statically generated (Gatsby) portfolio site, hosted on Netlify.

* sole contributor