Kevin A. Cameron

Seattle, WA
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I’m a full-stack web developer, specializing in front-end. I love to build great things with brilliant people. I’m obsessed with user experience, and performant, maintainable code.


Senior Web Programmer, ArenaNet
March 2013 - Present

Lead developer on majority of marketing websites, (Path of Fire, Play for Free, online manual). Created highly interactive single page applications using MithrilJS, Modular-CSS, React (Gatsby), Webpack, Rollup, and custom state management. Provided technical mentorship to new hires, including code reviews and project direction.

Web Developer, Anime-Planet
2010 - 2019

Provide guidance for front-end design and technical decisions. Implemented certain key features, including new responsive, animated SVG site banners..

Front-End Developer, NCsoft
Dec 2010 - March 2013

CMS customization for customer-facing websites My Aion, and Aion-Online. HTML emails. Complete overhaul of the City of Heroes game website.

Front-End Developer (WAP), Motricity
Nov 2010 - Mar 2010

Wrote custom CSS for dozens of low-power mobile phones.

Web Developer, Kace Visual (self-employed)
2009 - 2010

A handful of small business sites.


  • Javascript SPAs
  • CSS animations/transitions
  • Build systems, CI, CD
  • Developer experience
  • SVG
  • CMS customization
  • HTML5 Video
  • Analytics, SEO
  • REST API design, development, and consumption

Open Source Projects

Additional Work Experience

  • Game UI using Coherent GT
  • Particle emitter with physics simulation (Path of Fire)
  • End-to-end testing with Puppeteer and Jest
  • Purchase verification with our billing provider (Digital River)
  • Resilient 2-layer caching (Node)
  • Newsletter signup and management using the BlueHornet API (signup, management)
  • WordPress static site exporter to JSON and HTML (Guild Wars 2)
  • Responsive SVG image mask (Path of Fire)