Kevin A. Cameron

Seattle, WA
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I’m a full-stack web developer, specializing in front-end. I love to build great things with brilliant people. I’m obsessed with user experience, and performant, maintainable code.


Senior Web Programmer, ArenaNet
March 2013 - Present

Lead developer on many marketing websites, (Path of Fire, Play Guild Wars 2, New Player Guide). Automated GDPR request processing in internal CRM tool. Created highly interactive single page applications with MithrilJS, Modular-CSS, React, Webpack, Rollup, and custom state management. Provided technical mentorship to new hires, including code reviews and project direction.

Web Developer, Anime-Planet
2010 - 2019

Provide guidance for front-end design and technical decisions. Implemented certain key features, including new responsive, animated SVG site banners.

Front-End Developer, NCsoft
Dec 2010 - March 2013

CMS customization for customer-facing websites: My Aion, and Aion-Online. HTML emails. Complete overhaul of the City of Heroes game website.

Front-End Developer (WAP), Motricity
Nov 2010 - Mar 2010

Wrote custom CSS for dozens of low-power mobile phones. A major component of this work was thorough hand-testing and documentation of all devices and their capabilities.

Web Developer, Kace Visual (self-employed)
2009 - 2010

A handful of small business sites, including CMS integration and customization.


  • Javascript SPAs
  • Node.js
  • CSS animations/transitions
  • Build systems, CI, CD
  • Developer experience
  • SVG
  • CMS customization
  • HTML5 Video
  • Analytics, SEO
  • REST API design, development, and consumption

Open Source Projects

Additional Work Experience

  • Game UI using Coherent GT
  • Particle emitter with physics simulation - Path of Fire
  • End-to-end testing with Puppeteer and Jest
  • Purchase verification with Digital River
  • Resilient 2-layer caching in Node
  • Newsletter signup and management using the BlueHornet API
  • WordPress static site exporter to JSON and HTML
  • Responsive SVG image mask - Path of Fire